October 18, 1999

Determining Size of an INPUT Field

Question: How can I determine the maximum size of an INPUT field? Answer: Although you can certainly use JavaScript to find out the size of your user’s screen or the

Precise Division

Question: I have var1 and var2 both ints in a DB (only ints will be entered into var1, var2). But I want the result to show answer with decimal places:

Retrieving Data from a Text Field

Question: I have a table with a text field that stores a long description. When I use the Select statement to query the table, it only returns 255 characters. How

Insert Performance

Question: When I try to do a simple insert in a table with 25,000 records, it takes a long time do execute. In the same database for a table with

Create/Drop Table Problem

Question: When I execute this query: create table #T1 ( pk numeric( 9 ) ) drop table #T1 create table #T1 ( pk numeric( 9 ) ) drop table #T1

Track Changes on a Form

Question: I have an HTML page that is broken up into two different frames. The left frame acts as a navigation tool. The right frame is the user interface, which

Faxing a Report via WinFax Pro

Question: I want to output a report by Visual FoxPro 6.0 and fax it by WinFax Pro 9.0. I can output my report to an ASCII file which is then