October 18, 1999

Determining Size of an INPUT Field

Question: How can I determine the maximum size of an INPUT field? Answer: Although you can certainly use JavaScript to find out the size of your user’s screen or the size of their browser window, this information doesn’t help much when you want to set the size of your form

Creating a “Browse for Folder” Dialog Box

Question: How can I create a “browse” facility in my application&#151something which throws up a dialog box that allows the user to view folders and select one, as in Microsoft Explorer, without selecting a specific file within it? Answer: This is not a built-in feature of PowerBuilder; it requires the

Installing Exchange 5.5 Upgrade on New Server

Question: I have Exchange 5.0 running on a server that has become too small to do everything asked of it. I bought Exchange 5.5 Upgrade and a totally new copy of NT 4.0 for a new server. What I was going to do is install 5.5 on the new server

Declaring Data for an Object

Question: I’m trying to declare some data for an object such that, when necessary, other functions can use the object not only to perform member functions but also serve as a ‘data container’. For example, I’m declaring a Date object that, among other things, contains an array of all the

Maximum URL Length

Question: Is there a maximum URL length? One of my forms has a bunch of text fields on it so I am concerned that it might truncate when I pass the values as parameters. Answer: The maximum length of the URL is largely determined by the browser and Web server

Numeric only TextField

Question: Is there is a way to create a text field that only accepts numeric input? Answer: There are probably a couple of a ways to go about doing this. Themethod you choose will depend on your exact requirements. For someapplications, it might suffice to simply trap all key events

Prevent Certain Files From Being Bookmarked

Question: How can I prevent certain files on my site from being bookmarked? Answer: There is no way to fully prevent people from bookmarking a certain URL on your site. As long someone can navigate to a page (or a file), they can save that URL as a bookmark. That

Precise Division

Question: I have var1 and var2 both ints in a DB (only ints will be entered into var1, var2). But I want the result to show answer with decimal places: SELECT var1/var2 as Result Right now it says 10/3 = 3. Can I specify the datatype of “Result”? Answer: Nope.

Retrieving Data from a Text Field

Question: I have a table with a text field that stores a long description. When I use the Select statement to query the table, it only returns 255 characters. How do I extract those data stored in the text field (using VB recordset)? Answer: You need to declare a variable

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