October 19, 1999

Abstract Classes

Question: Can I instantiate an abstract class? Answer: No, you cannot instantiate an abstract class. However, you can declare a pointer or a reference to it: class Abs{public: virtual void

Display Contents of ADODB.Errors Collection

When ADO encounters an error, the Errors Collectionis filled with certain specific details on the causeof the error. You can check the Errors collection ofthe Connection object whenever you encounter

Always Use Option Explicit

You should always use Option Explicit statement in your .asp file. Thisstatement will enforce that you explicitly declare all the variables in thescript. The whole problem: VBScript allows you to

Always Prefer to Use Local Variables

You should always prefer to use Local variables. Local variables reside within functions and subs. They have local scope and limited lifetime. These variables are compiled into numeric references and

Display Greeting Message

Here is a simple way by which you can display a greeting message to a user at the time of login.There are certain scenarios where you can use thisfeature to

How to Instantiate a Template Correctly

The type that a template takes as an argument must have external linkage. This means that you cannot instantiate a template with a locally-declared type: int main(){ struct S {

What’s in a Signature?

A function’s signature consists of the function’s parameter list and the parameters’ ordering. A member function’s signature also includes the const/volatile qualifiers (if any) of that function. Signatures provide the