October 20, 1999

Run Time Object / Control Management

Question: Can I write statements to add/delete the control objects like command buttonsat runtime like we do in java C++ ? Iam under the assumption that once we populate a form with controls we cannotdrop some of them alone. An alternative may be to set the visibility to false. But

Refresh Part of a Page

Question: Is there a way to refresh or redraw part of a screen display using HTML and JavaScript without using frames? I want the top 1/4 of my screen to display constant information and have the bottom 3/4 of the screen be the user-input section, which will refresh or reset

Determine Position of Object Relative to Page

Question: I am using the eventObj.x and eventObj.y to obtain the position of a link when the mouse is over it to determine where to show a help text box. In Netscape and Internet Explorer 4, the eventObj.y returns the number of pixels the object is from the top of

Nested Quotes and JavaScript

Question: I am trying to use document.writeln to write a table onto a floating menu bar. Part of the table cell’s events is Java code. When it reaches the semicolons in the code for the table, it thinks it is the end of the line. How can I pass semicolons

Set Font Size in Tables Using DHTML

Question: In Microsoft Internet Explorer, I can specify a style as TABLE.listTable { font-size : “10pt”} and all the cells of the table will have a 10pt font size. In Netscape, this approach doesn’t work because the font sizes have to be specified for each cell (), and any font

Preserve the Format of Text/Memo Fields

Question: We are doing a small site with some ASP content. When we get data from a memo field that has CR/LFs at the end of the lines for formatting purposes, they are not being passed through the server. The data ends up being one long line of data. Is