October 21, 1999

Count ASP Sessions

Question: I am trying to count the number of users (sessions opened) to a given app. It easy enough to increment an Application variable with Session_Onstart and decrement it with

Make Variable Available to All Pages

Question: Can I use a global variable in VBScript and make it accessible from any Web page? Answer: There is no such thing as a global variable in Web pages.

Find the Path of a Project With ASP

Question: Is there any way to programmatically determine the path of the current ASP page on the server? I am trying to access a specific text that I added to

Determine Which Submit Button Was Clicked

Question: I have a Web page with a form(action=sample.asp),frmProduct. The form has some textboxes (one of which is a key field, sav txtKey) and two submit buttons: one for retrieve

Reference a DLL From an ASP Page

Question: I wrote a DLL in Visual Basic and I want to use its functions in ASP. I created a server.CreateObject(“projectname.classname”) and tried to call some of the methods of

Get Count of Records in a Recordset

Question: How do I get the number of records from a “select * from dept where deptno = ..”? I want to know how many records are in my recordset

Leverage Office to Spellcheck RichText

Integrate Microsoft Word 97’s spellchecking capability into VB apps while maintaining formatting within a rich textbox. To test this code:1. Create a standard EXE project in VB.2. Add the RichTextBox

Handle Update Collisions in ADO Disconnected Recordsets

Data-access techniques using cached data on the client for updates is possible using disconnected recordsets. This technique generates collisions in some situations. However, the technique for dealing with collisions rows