October 29, 1999

Public Folder as an Outlook Address Book

Question: I am using Exchange Server 5.5 and Outlook 97 on about 30 workstations. I use a public folder to store shared contact info. On all but two of the

Nested Selects

Question: In Microsoft Access you can use a query as the source for a select in a second query. Additionally, you can use two queries as the source by utilizing

Creating a Report for a Video Store

Question: I have a Visual Basic project about a video store, for which I have to produce a report that includes the following: Top 10 movies last month Number of

Setting a RowCount Limit

Question: If I just want to see some data from a table, is there some SQL syntax to prevent 2 million rows from coming back without adding conditions on the

Explaining Stacks

Question: Could you please give me a simple explanation to what stacks are? How do they work and what are their related features? Answer: Stacks are temporary resting places for