October 29, 1999

Setting a RowCount Limit

Question: If I just want to see some data from a table, is there some SQL syntax to prevent 2 million rows from coming back without adding conditions on the

Explaining Stacks

Question: Could you please give me a simple explanation to what stacks are? How do they work and what are their related features? Answer: Stacks are temporary resting places for

Table Query

Question: I have a table below: Name idJohn 40Mary 50Peter 15John 40Peter 15John 40 How can I query to get who appeared most of the times in the table? (In

Efficiency of SQL Searches

Question: I can’t remember the reason for the efficiency of the SQL query. I thought that the results of the query are sent to a “client,” as opposed to the

SQL Right for Visual Basic App?

Question: I am writing a Visual Basic app that is all about a database created in Access 97 with about 500 records. I want to be able to filter things,

SQL Application Security

Question: Is there a “best” way to design VB/ASP apps to deal with SQL (7.0) security? For example, in a WAN environment and a Web application where the app needs

SQL Server Naming Conventions

Question: Microsoft naming conventions for Visual Basic (Hungarian notation) is well documented and widely used. Is there a similar/well-known standard for variables used in SQL Server stored procedures? Answer: Not