November 5, 1999

Disabling the Command Window

Question: I have compiled a program as an .APP file. When I run this file from VFP 6, I would like to disable the close button until the user clicks

Dynamic Content Using Radio Buttons

Question: I wrote JavaScript code that displays different text depending on the radio button clicked. I used innerHTML to display text, which works fine on Internet Explorer 5 but not

Write Text Files to the Client

Question: I’m trying to figure out a way to pass along a questionnaire built in HTML so that users can fill it out in their browser, then have the answers

Scripting an Auto Reply

Question: How do I write a script so that every time a particular mailbox receives a new message, that mailbox generates an automatic standard reply? Answer: It’s fairly easy to

Scrollbar Value Notification

Question: Is there a way that I can dynamically determine the value of aScrollbar when I am scrolling? The adjustmentValueChanged method gets called only when you stop scrolling. But I

Serialization to Byte Array

Question: How can I convert a class instance to a byte array and thensubsequently reconstruct the original class from the byte array? Answer: Java’s Object Serialization API allows you to

Call a DLL From ASP

Question: I have a DLL called math911.dll and a function called a101. Private objM As MATH911.questionsSet objM = New MATH911.questions’use the functionCall objM.a101(level, TOPlevel, tipe, problem, ans, cpt, INSTRUCTIONS, AMT,

Append a NodeList to a Node

Question: Is it possible to append all the elements of a nodelist to a node as children without using a for loop? I want to overcome the performance problems incurred

Object Finalization

Question: How can I finalize an object without waiting for the garbage collector? Answer: The System class contains a convenience method called gc() that canbe used to ask the JVM