November 5, 1999

Disabling the Command Window

Question: I have compiled a program as an .APP file. When I run this file from VFP 6, I would like to disable the close button until the user clicks

Incorrect IP Lookup

Question: I have an application which uses dialup networking. If I connectafter starting my application, InetAddress.getLocalHost() alwaysreturns Even if I connect before starting up,then disconnect and reconnect, the IP

Servlets vs. Applets

Question: We currently use applets to allow users to access a database,but are looking for ways to improve performance. Is a servlet-basedsolution faster than an applet-based solution? Answer: This will

Method Storage

Question: Does each instance of a class have its own copies of instance methodsin the same way it has its own copies of instance variables? Answer: Every time you instantiate

Attaching a DataGrid Control to ADO

Question: How can I use ADO and DataGrid (OLE DB) control in a VFP form? This code does not work in VFP as it works in VB 6.0: DataGrid1.DataSource=mADORecordset1 Answer:

Unexpected Socket Close

Question: How do you determine when a client has closed its socket, so that aserver can cease to wait for messages from that client? Answer: When a socket endpoint closes

Backspaces and Form Focus

Question: I have two questions: When using the Backspace key to delete content in a text box, the control is passed to the preceding text box once all data is

VB Web Components and MTS Security

Question: We’ve developed a human resources system based on the principles advocated by Rockford Lhotka in VB6 Business Objects. We used a SQL 7.0 database and stored procedures in conjunction