November 11, 1999

Image Won’t Display in ASP Page

Question: I am building a Web site that is hosted on Microsoft’s Personal Web Server. I have an Active Server Page (ASP) with some graphics on it. Everything works fine except for one GIF that will not display when the page is transmitted via HTTP (which will be always once

What Are Java Server Pages?

Java Server Pages (JSP) are a complementary Java API to Java Servlets. They let you publish dynamic Web content. A JSP can contain HTML tags, scripts written in Java code, JSP elements that get compiled by a JSP engine, and JSP-specific directives. JSPs are document-centric, in contrast to servlets that

What’s the Time Stamp of a File?

JDK 1.1.x’s class has a lastModified():long method. You can use the value returned by lastModified method to create an instance of java.util.Date class and, thus, get a hold of date/time of last modifications for a file.Here is some sample code that prints the last modification of files in current