November 12, 1999

Text Box and an Array

Question: I opened a ASCII text file into an array. Now I want to print the data into a text box. I tried something like this: txtResult.text = flight(i) The problem is that if there are 5 rows in the array, the text is overwritten 5 times, so all you

MDI Forms and DLL

Question: Is there a way to host an MDI form from an ActiveX DLL in a Main application’s MDI Parent Form? Answer: Although I’ve never tried it, I don’t think so. Only one MDI form is allowed per program and a dll runs in the same process as the host

Use Table Type Recordsets Instead of Dynaset or Snapshot Types

Table type recordsets are probably the best of all performance boosters. DAO provides three recordset types: dynaset, snapshot, and table. Of these three types, the table recordset type is the fastest when using desktop databases and one of the easiest to employ when coding. However, keep in mind that using

Using the random_shuffle Algorithm

STL includes the random_shuffle() algorithm. As the name suggests, this algorithm randomly shuffles the elements of a sequence. It takes two arguments, the first of which is an iterator that points to the first element of the sequence. The second argument is an iterator that points one position past the