November 19, 1999

Programmatically Control and Interact With IE

Question: How can I interact with a running version of Internet Explorer or Netscape? When I say interact, I mean handling or monitoring browser events such as right click or navigate. Answer: The builders of any application define the extent to which you can interact with that application. The builders

Use Visual Basic in Your Internet Development

Question: We are using Visual Basic to develop our new applications and will be converting our old applications from COBOL to Visual Basic in the near future. We want to put our applications on a corporate intranet and allow customers access to them through the Internet. Should we continue to

Sort and Display Data Stored in Arrays

Question: How do I sort columns with their corresponding rows of information and then add data? I would like to use the data in a Web page. Answer: If you are using client-side JavaScript, you can store the data in arrays, then sort the arrays and regenerate an HTML table

Create an HTML Report From a SQL Server Database

Question: I want a simple way to get a report from a SQL server database to HTML. Then I want the report to print, nicely formatted. How do I do this? Also, should I be doing something else that’s a better way to get reports on the Web? Answer: The

Access Browser History

Question: How does the browser history work? Is it possible to take out a link in the history? For example, I have a page with a redirect. The redirect works fine in Internet Explorer; when you hit the back button, it skips the redirect. But Netscape doesn’t skip the redirect

Speed Web Access in an Access Database

Question: Some users access the Microsoft Access 97 database through a Web user interface and others directly to the MDB file. Will it speed Web access if I create a linked database that has all of my objects (other than tables) and is linked to the “data-only” or “back-end” database

Apply a DHTML Effect to a Specific Style

Question: I have two different styles on my page: “content” and “small”. To avoid the “onmouseover…” lines within the tags, I defined the A:Hover line. Now if a user moves the mouse over a link, the text changes to red. The problem is that I want the red onmouseover effect

Arrange Conditions Properly

You can optimize the performance of your “JavaScript” code by properlyarranging the conditions in the “if” statement. If you have severalconditions to be tested together, and you know that one is more likely topass or fail than any of the others, depending on whether the tests areconnected with OR (||)

A Guideline To JDBC Drivers

Use the following as a guideline through the maze of JDBC drivers. Type1 Also known as JDBC-ODBC bridge which provides JDBC access to most ODBC drivers. The primary drawback of this approach is that database client code must be loaded and configured on each client machine. There also is a

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