November 23, 1999

Migration from ACT to MS SQL Server

Question: We currently have two contact databases in ACT. One of them is growing exponentially and at 70,000 records we are already experiencing problems. We are considering switching to MS

Calculating While Querying

Question: I have two fields in my query: SELECT minutes, cost FROM SomeTable However, I would like to calculate the cost/minutes for each row selected. So I tried the following:

Data Extract and Input Using SQL

Question: We use Dunn & Bradstreet’s Smart Streem System with a subledger that has a high volume of data, and as of this point has to be identified manually and

Indexing Overkill

Question: If a table has a primary key on columns A, B, and C, is there any advantage to also defining an index on columns A and B? Wouldn’t the

Field That Can Hold More Than 255 Characters

Question: I need a text (or char) field that can hold more than 255 characters. Something like a Memo field to hold almost unlimited character data. Is this possible? Answer:

Can Add Records But Not Update Them

Question: I am developing an application package with VB 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0. My problem is that I can add new records to the ADO recordset but I am

Deleting a Table in SQL

Question: Once a table has been created, is there any way of deleting it in SQL? Answer: Try: DROP TableName

Updating Two Tables

Question: I have two tables: Yarn {Y_yarn_code,x_code}y_yarn_code being PK Yarn_lot (yl_yarn_code) I need to update yl_yarn_code with x_code where y_yarn-code=yl_yarn_code Answer: Try this: UPDATE Yarn_Lot SET Yarn_Lot.yl_yarn_code = (SELECT x_code