November 23, 1999

Data Extract and Input Using SQL

Question: We use Dunn & Bradstreet’s Smart Streem System with a subledger that has a high volume of data, and as of this point has to be identified manually and

Field That Can Hold More Than 255 Characters

Question: I need a text (or char) field that can hold more than 255 characters. Something like a Memo field to hold almost unlimited character data. Is this possible? Answer:

Can Add Records But Not Update Them

Question: I am developing an application package with VB 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0. My problem is that I can add new records to the ADO recordset but I am

Deleting a Table in SQL

Question: Once a table has been created, is there any way of deleting it in SQL? Answer: Try: DROP TableName

Updating Two Tables

Question: I have two tables: Yarn {Y_yarn_code,x_code}y_yarn_code being PK Yarn_lot (yl_yarn_code) I need to update yl_yarn_code with x_code where y_yarn-code=yl_yarn_code Answer: Try this: UPDATE Yarn_Lot SET Yarn_Lot.yl_yarn_code = (SELECT x_code

Setting the Timeout Parameter

Question: I am converting a database from Access to SQL. It is a large database?some 4.5GB large. I get a timeout (1 minute) before I get my response back. Can

Inserts Inside Views

Question: Is there a way to use an INSERT statement inside of a view? If it is not possible through a view, how do I use an INSERT statement? I