November 24, 1999

Function Sequence Error

Question: I have WinNT4.0, Service Pack 5.0 SQL Server7.0, ODBC Driver for SQL I have a servlet program that connects to a JDBC-ODBC bridge and accesses the database. If I execute any SELECT statements I get: java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error If I run the same servlet

Automatically Logging Users Off

Question: I am running SQL Server 7.0 with 20 user licenses. I have about 40 users, of which only 10 are logged on at once. The problem I am running into is that most of my users have what I like to call “useritis.” They absolutely cannot remember?or do not

Importing Dates Earlier Than 1752

Question: When I try to import data to SQL, I find a problem in exporting the date values that occur earlier than the year 1752. Since I am working in Saudi Arabia, I need to use dates like 10/12/1412. How can I do that? Answer: SQL Server does not support

Setup of SQL on the Client Side

Question: I own a company and have two database servers. One is MS SQL6.5 and the other is a Sybase server. I want to access both servers on a client machine. What are the required components to access both servers? I know I will need to begin with installing MS