December 6, 1999

Failure to Resolve Name Remotely

Question: I am trying to get remote access to my e-mail account. Although I can dial in the domain successfully, when I start Outlook, I receive this error message: “Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange server computer.” When I try to resolve the name in the property,

Exchange System Attendant Error Message

Question: I am running Exchange 5.5 with about 60 mailboxes. When I try to access the e-mail tab of a newly created mailbox I get the following error: an error occurred while processing an email address… id no. c1030b35 Problem is, there is no hidden $ dirsync. Answer: That problem

Rotating a Column in PowerBuilder

Question: Is it possible to rotate a column 90 degrees in a PowerBuilder (5.0.04) datawindow so that the data print up and down instead of the usual left to right? Answer: The text objects on a datawindow control have a group of attributes under the font attribute that control the