December 8, 1999

Finding the Calling Procedure

Question: Often I place a Break Point in a Function or Procedure for Debugging purposes.How I can find the immediate calling procedure?Or, better how I can find all the previous

ADO & SQLServer Provider

Question: When opening an ADO connection, how do I specify that it use the SQL Server OLEDB provider with a DSN? Answer: Here’s the connection string you should use. Be

Random Pictures

Question: How would I get a different picture to pop up every 3 seconds in a different position? Answer: It’s pretty simple, actually: Make a form with an image/picturebox control

Image Storage in Access 97

Question: I have an Access 97 database with an OLE Type field containing bitmaps loaded with the LoadPicture() function. This works fine and the images turn up as “Bitmap Image”

Changing Label Caption of a Textbox

Question: I am an extreme newbie with VB. How do I change the caption of a label to the value of a textbox? Answer: Substitute the name of the Label

Accessing Online Databases

Question: I have been using Visual Basic to manipulate databases for some time now and I consider myself skilled at it. The next challenge presented is to establish a connection

Control Focus

Question: When a control has focus, is there some way to determine which control had focus just before it? Answer: Nope, there isn’t any way to do that. But, I


Question: After I compile my DLL in VB and run the component through IIS, I cannot recompile the DLL and I get a file locking error. I am using VB6

Procedure Declaration Errors

Question: I get the folling error message when I try to run my code: Compile Error: Procedure declaration does not match description of event or procedure having the same name.