December 10, 1999

Linker Optimizations

While most of the code optimizations are performed at compile time, there are optimizations that only a linker can perform. For example, it can detect unreferenced function calls. These are

Deleting a const Object

In earlier stages of C++, it was impossible to delete a const object, even if that object was constructed on the free store. This could cause memory leaks. However, the

Initializing a Bit Struct

To initialize a struct that contains bit fields, simply use the ={0}partial initialization list: int main(){ struct MP3_HEADER { unsigned Sync:11; unsigned Version:2; unsigned Layer:2; unsigned Protection:1; unsigned Bitrate:4; unsigned

Switch Statement

Question: Does Java have a switch statement that can use doubles and floats? Answer: The Java switch statement only supports values of type char, byte,short, or int. To conditionally execute