December 13, 1999

Public Folders as Conference Rooms

Question: How do I set up public folders as conference rooms and see available times in the meeting planner? If I add the rooms as a resource it gives me

Opening Multiple Mailboxes

Question: In our organization, some employees belong to a group mailbox. Is it possible to open multiple mailboxes (including some shared ones) from a single Exchange profile? Answer: You can

Exchange Event Service

Question: I have nine Exchange 5.5 post offices. Most started as 5.0 post offices, which were then upgraded to 5.5 with SP1. The newer post offices have a “Microsoft Exchange

Exchange Server 5.5 Messages to AOL Recipients

Question: None of the clients using Exchange e-mail can successfully send an e-mail message to an America Online recipient. We do not get an undeliverable message from the Exchange Server.

PST File Corruption

Question: My computer froze and when I restarted it I discovered that my personal folder inbox has no folders. I also can no longer access the e-mail that I get

string and bool

Question: I’m looking for a C++ file that supports strings and bool. I currently have a very old version of C++ but I don’t have the prototypes that support string