January 1, 2000

Track changes in system time and display resolution

Whenever the system time or the display resolution changes, Windows sends all the top-level windows (forms, in VB jargon) the WM_TIMECHANGE or WM_DISPLAYCHANGE message, respectively. Therefore, you can easily determine

Optimized Paint procedures with subclassing

The Paint event doesn’t provide with information about which region of the form must be actually repainted, and therefore forces the programmer to repaint the entire client area, which in

HTML Basics: Basic Text Tags

Basic Text Tagsith only a small set of HTML tags you can create a functional page. The set of tags in this section let you set up an HTML file

Getting Graphics

o, you’ve decided to add some graphical pizzazz to your site: A dozen images, an animated GIF or two, a set of graphic dividers and bullets, and a cool background

HTML Basics: Links

inking together different ideas and content is a basic strength of the Web. The very name “browser” comes from this idea. The browser lets you, from your desktop, browse through