January 1, 2000

JavaScript QuickStart: Next Steps

etting Your Hands DirtySo, now you have a basic understanding of JavaScript and what it can do. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided that you want to learn more


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Using Web Color

raphics are a common way of bringing color into a Web site. Your create your images using your favorite editor, test your color palette on different browsers/platforms, and drop the

Audio QuickStart: Common Formats

here are many sound file formats to chose from. The format you pick will depend on your what your audience can use and the types of sounds you have. You

Editing Sounds

diting your sound can be one of the most exciting parts of creating sound for the Web. Download an audio editor and start playing around with it?you’ll see fascinating options

Audio QuickStart: Steps for Using Sound

teps for Using SoundThere are three steps to consider when you think about adding audio to your site: First, how will you create the sound? Before you add a sound

Audio by Example

hese are some sites from around the Web that in some way make interesting use of sound. We tried to find a variety of techniques. Some require a plug-in, while

Going to Extremes

xtreme Programming (XP) is not some nerd bungee jumping off a bridge with a laptop. It is not a geek writing code while doing back flips on a skateboard. Nothing