January 2, 2000

Display Recordset Data in a Paged Fashion, Part I

popular way to display data from a recordset, especially a large one, is in a paged fashion. For example, when you ask for all the data from a table in your database, you can see about 20 records neatly arranged in a grid fashion, with the ability to go to

Using the Implements Statement

any people ask about how the Implements statement is used in Visual Basic. It is actually quite useful and allows you to build more flexible applications. Here’s what it is all about: The Implements statement is used as part of a technique that separates the interface of an object from

Using Metadata to Solve Complex Problems

s someone who genuinely likes SQL and relational databases, I get a particular kick out of seeing how database engines use relational tables themselves to store their own metadata. As an example, we are all familiar with the sysobjects table, which contains a row for each object in the database.

Generating XML from ADO Recordsets

n an ideal world, the process of communicating between XML and the database world would be completely seamless and transparent?you point an XML DOM at a database, say Update or Request, and you’re done. In this all-too-messy real world where the “standards” change from day to day and no two

Recurses! Foiled Again!

ne of the terms that strikes terror into the hearts of Computer Science 101 students is recursion. Until you are able to think recursion through, the implications of it are truly frightening. Once you understand it, however, it’s a useful tool which allows you to perform tasks that would otherwise

Turn HTML Form Input Into Java Objects

avaServer Pages can make Web Application development a lot simpler.When coupled with JavaBeans, turning HTML form input into Javaobjects is a lot faster to implement. If you identify the mostcommon kinds of data entered into forms, you can quickly start tobuild a library of classes that you can reuse to