January 4, 2000

Am I in the IDE?

Question: Is there a simple test that can determine whether a VB program is running in the IDE or as a compiled exe? Answer: Yes there is a very simple test. Name the exe differently from the project, and then check App.ExeName. If the app is running in the IDE,

Set Your Pages’ Content Ratings in IIS

Content ratings help your users?especially families?know what type of content your site provides. Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4 lets you add content ratings to any page. Try this: In Internet Service Manager, right-click the name of the file. From the context menu, click Properties. On the HTTP Headers tab,

Turn Off Sessions in Active Server Pages

Session variables are a boon to ASP developers because they allow you to maintain variables from one page to another. However, the use of session tracking may make Internet Information Server (IIS) work harder than it needs to. If your pages don’t need sessions but you want to keep the