January 5, 2000

CSS Properties: Display vs. Visibility

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 3+ It’s fairly easy to confuse the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) properties display and visibility, because it would seem that they do much the same thing. However, the two properties are in fact quite different. The visibility property determines whether a given element is visible or

Informix and ODBC

Question: I have an Informix database on a remote server and I’m trying to perform ODBC from my client machine. I have installed the client products on my Windows 98 machine and am trying to link through now using setnet32, but I keep getting various error messages. Why is that?

Finding Sqexplain.out

Question: I can’t find the sqexplain.out file. Where is it? Answer: In UNIX systems, this file is usually placed in the directory from which you called the dbaccess or other job that ran the SET EXPLAIN. In Windows, this file is placed in a subdirectory underneath the Informix home (usually