January 10, 2000

Data Hiding: Display Selected Text in HTML File

Question: Is there a way to put text in an HTML file but only have selected text displayed? In place of an application’s scroll window, I want to put in an HTML window?more than likely it will be Microsoft’s Web browser ActiveX control. This window is used to display messages

Automatically Close Popup Window

Question: What can I add to an HTML file presented in a popup window called by a script to automatically close that popup window after so many seconds? I have tried , which should work but I get error messages in Internet Explorer. Answer: You are very close to solving

Query is not Updateable Error

Question: When trying to run the SQL statement, I get this error but I don’t know what it means: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80004005’ [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updateable query. /cgi-bin/action.asp, line 34 Answer: You are trying to update a recordset, but

Limiting Search Results

Question: When my clients enter searching criteria, I want to limit the number of results. For example, if the number of results is over 100, I want the user to have to go back and try the search again. How can I do this? Answer: An easy way is to

To RMI or Not to RMI

Question: We are now developing a Java-based remote monitoring systemapplication for our SCSI RAID subsystem products. This application canenable our customers to monitor the status, and change theconfiguration, of the SCSI RAID device being monitored. We are usingC++ for the SCSI programming part and we are using JNI to interfacewith

Server.CreateObject vs. the OBJECT Tag

Question: What is the difference between creating objects using Server.CreateObject and the tag? Answer: The difference is when the object is actually created. Server.CreateObject makes an object whenever the code is executed. Using an OBJECT tag causes the object to be created only when the object is accessed.


Question: I want to open a small ADO recordset from the server and save it the local drive to be used as a disconnected session. Can you tell how to do that? Answer: If you want to use the recordset in a disconnected state, meaning that it no longer has

VB 6 and Outlook

Question: I need to create a VB utility that will read and parse a flat text log file (no problem here) and then automatically send an email with any error messages that are encountered in the log file. What is the easist way to send a pre-formated email directly from

Display Phone Data in Mask

Question: Our phone numbers are stored in SQL 7 database in the format 9999999999. How can I use ASP to display the phone numbers using the mask (999)999-9999? Answer: You will have to write your own little routine in ASP to do this: Function GetPhoneMasked(byval strPhone) If Trim(strPhone) = “”

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