January 11, 2000

Swap Images With JavaScript

A nice touch to a Web page is a button that changes appearance when clicked. All you need is two GIFs and a little JavaScript. The following code initially displays

Returning the Last Day of a Month

Question: I have a form from which I am searching a database.The search is being conducted between a startdate and an enddate.As the default I’d like to have the first


Question: What’s the best way to transfer a file via FTP in Visual Basic? Answer: This is a simple procedure. All you have to do is use the Microsoft Internet

No Response from Server: Part I

Question: Our Informix 7.31 TC2 server has had some troubles recently. It worked properly for about four or five hours but then it rejected any request! Users who are already

Data Migration from Informix 4.1

Question: About a year ago we had some data migrated by an outside service from Informix 4.1 to SQL Server 6.5. It appeared at the time that everything went well.

Creating Folders in an Application

Question: How do I get my application, developed in PowerBuilder 6.0, to manipulate folders in Windows Explorer? I want it to be able to create folders. Answer: PowerBuilder does not