January 11, 2000

Swap Images With JavaScript

A nice touch to a Web page is a button that changes appearance when clicked. All you need is two GIFs and a little JavaScript. The following code initially displays the Microsoft logo. When you click the image the onclick event calls the swapImage() function. The function determines the image

Stick With Jet 3.51 for Access 97 Databases

It is natural to assume that later versions of software will improve performance and fix bugs. However, you may run into the opposite if you try that with an Access 97 database and the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.1. According to Microsoft postings, Access 97 databases should only use

Copying Controls From Form to Form

Question: I have a VB application that contains two forms. Form A is a Control Library that contains several Frames, Labels, Text Boxes, and Command buttons. (Note: some of these controls are third party controls.) Form B is the Main form. This form contains an SSActiveTab, with 4 tabs on

VB Inheritance

Question: I would like some help with implementing inheritance in VB6. Answer: VB, as of the current version doesn’t really support inheritance, all you can do is have one class assume the same interface as another class. This is done using the Implements keyword. In short here’s how it works:Add

Returning the Last Day of a Month

Question: I have a form from which I am searching a database.The search is being conducted between a startdate and an enddate.As the default I’d like to have the first and last day of the last month. Year(Now()) & Month(Now())-1 & “01” returns the first day of month -1, but


Question: What’s the best way to transfer a file via FTP in Visual Basic? Answer: This is a simple procedure. All you have to do is use the Microsoft Internet Control to pss the FTP request in the Operation parameter of the Execute method.

No Response from Server: Part I

Question: Our Informix 7.31 TC2 server has had some troubles recently. It worked properly for about four or five hours but then it rejected any request! Users who are already on the server can still work properly, too! Why? This never happened before. I can’t find any error messages from

Printing a Visual FoxPro Report in Text Mode

Question: My reports are printed in graphic mode. Is there a way to print my reports in text mode? Answer: The REPORT FORM command has a parameter called “ASCII” that writes the report in text mode. Realize, however, that none of the graphics will be in the report. Here is

Bringing Up the C Compiler in Visual C++ 5.0

Question: I am a newbie to C++ and I need to know how to bring up the C compiler in MS Visual C++ 5.0? I am studing C and I own C++ 5.0 Enterprise Edition. Answer: You don’t need to do anything special to invoke the C compiler. Simply give

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