January 13, 2000

Display Local Date and Time

Question: JavaScript’s date() function gives the user’s computer date and time. How do I display my local date and time on my Web page regardless of where the user surfs

Using More Than One OnLoad Command

Question: Is it possible to use more than one onLoad command in my tag? Answer: Sure. Like other event handlers, the onLoad event handler you’re including within the tag on

IE and Netscape Cache Components

Question: Is there any way to cache a .js file at the client, just like an image file, to reduce the number of trips to the server? Answer: You don’t

Redirect More Efficiently in IIS 5

If you are using Internet Information Server version 5, you can redirect browsers to a new page more efficiently. In IIS 4, you had to use Response.Redirect as in this

Iterate Through Control Arrays

When you need to iterate through all the elements of a control array, use this code: Dim J As IntegerFor J = Text1.LBound to Text1.Ubound With Text1(J) ‘ Work here…

Insert Soft Breakpoints

If you want to step through the code behind a certainscreen element at run time, you might do something like this in break mode: Hit Ctrl-Break from run mode, use