January 14, 2000

Vacation Tracking

Question: Is there a way to track staff holidays using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange? Answer: To track them? That depends upon your definition of tracking, I suppose. The way that many companies do it is by creating a public calendar folder (File | New | Folder; contains Appointment items and

Moving Logs and Databases

Question: I need to remove a drive from a Microsoft Cluster Server. As a result, I have to move the Message Transfer Agent log files, the Directory service database file, and the Internet Mail Service data files from one drive to another. What is the correct procedure for this? Answer:

Inbox Assistant Automatic Replies Causing Looping

Question: When I use the Outlook 98 Inbox Assistant to “reply to mail sent to me using a specific template,” it starts an e-mail ping-pong/volleying situation when the Internet recipient is also using an autoresponder. Automatic replies on the Exchange Server are enabled, which I want them to be. The

Multiple Indexes

Question: I’m creating a database to be used with a Web site. The database contains news stories, which will need to be indexed from a list of keywords that come from separate tables. These index word tables are “Counties Mentioned,” “Technologies Mentioned,” “Industry Sectors Mentioned,” and “Relevant To!” Each story

Getting Rid of Spaces at the End of a Field

Question: I am accessing a database that has two fields that I need to combine. The problem is that the first field is set to hold eight characters. If the data is less than eight characters, extra spaces are added to make eight. Is there some way of pulling in

No Response from Server: Part II

Question: This happened when I issued the NETSTAT command: TCP informix:turbo as2000:1260 CLOSE_WAITTCP informix:turbo as2000:1261 CLOSE_WAITTCP informix:turbo as2000:1262 CLOSE_WAITTCP informix:turbo as2000:1263 CLOSE_WAIT Is this why we can’t get more connections? (I have NT4 Server, Informix 7.31 TC2, fewer than 100 users.) Answer: You’re on 7.31 TC2. What Service Pack is

Autoforwarding to an Outside Address

Question: How do I set up forwarding in Exchange? I have a user who wants all mail coming into his current Exchange e-mail box to be forwarded to a personal box. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about doing it? Answer: The best way to do this

You Cannot Pass the Window Handle in ASP

Question: Is there a way to determine the Window Handle (hWnd) in an Active Server Page? I am calling an ActiveX DLL from ASP written in Visual Basic and need to pass the Window Handle (hWnd) to display the open file dialog box. Answer: Don’t even bother trying to look

Display Graphics Using the colorDepth Property

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 4+ Designing effective Web graphics is always a challenge?you want to provide the best looking graphics on all platforms, but when one person runs their browser in 8-bit color (for example, 8 bits or one byte to represent a look-up table of colors) and another runs

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