January 14, 2000

Vacation Tracking

Question: Is there a way to track staff holidays using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange? Answer: To track them? That depends upon your definition of tracking, I suppose. The way that

Moving Logs and Databases

Question: I need to remove a drive from a Microsoft Cluster Server. As a result, I have to move the Message Transfer Agent log files, the Directory service database file,

Multiple Indexes

Question: I’m creating a database to be used with a Web site. The database contains news stories, which will need to be indexed from a list of keywords that come

No Response from Server: Part II

Question: This happened when I issued the NETSTAT command: TCP informix:turbo as2000:1260 CLOSE_WAITTCP informix:turbo as2000:1261 CLOSE_WAITTCP informix:turbo as2000:1262 CLOSE_WAITTCP informix:turbo as2000:1263 CLOSE_WAIT Is this why we can’t get more connections?

Autoforwarding to an Outside Address

Question: How do I set up forwarding in Exchange? I have a user who wants all mail coming into his current Exchange e-mail box to be forwarded to a personal

You Cannot Pass the Window Handle in ASP

Question: Is there a way to determine the Window Handle (hWnd) in an Active Server Page? I am calling an ActiveX DLL from ASP written in Visual Basic and need

Display Graphics Using the colorDepth Property

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 4+ Designing effective Web graphics is always a challenge?you want to provide the best looking graphics on all platforms, but when one person runs their browser