January 18, 2000

Declaring a Volatile Member Function

You’re probably familiar with const member functions such as: class A { public: int get_x() const; // can’t change A’s state }; C++ also supports volatile member functions. You declare

The this Pointer

In the body of a non-static member function, the keyword this is a non-lvalue expression whose value is the address of the object for which the function is called. However,

Find Constant Name

Question: Instead of trapping an Error by its value (If err.number=429 then…) I would prefer to use a VB defined Constant Name.I can’t seem to find a way to locate

Databases and Large Amounts of Data

Question: I wrote a VB program that uses MS-Access (MDB) type data base using DAO . The application gathers a huge amount of information (25meg a week) and accesses the

Setting Reminders

Question: I am developing an application in VB which requires Reminders. On the basis of dates input, if the current date goes past the date in the database it should

Initialization of an Array of Classes

Question: A common practice in C is to do something like this to initialize an array of structs: typedef struct {float x,y,z;} Vector3;Vector3 VecList[] = {{1,0,0},{0,1,0},{0,0,1}};// Now VecList[0] = {1,0,0};//

Assigning C-strings

Question: I am just beginning to learn C++ and I’ve stumble on an error that I cannot figure out despite all my efforts. Here is the code where I’m having

Calling a C Program

Question: I’ve created a console C program that has parameters input on thecommand line and would like to create a Java application that selectsthe parameters and calls the C program