January 18, 2000

Declaring a Volatile Member Function

You’re probably familiar with const member functions such as: class A { public: int get_x() const; // can’t change A’s state }; C++ also supports volatile member functions. You declare

The this Pointer

In the body of a non-static member function, the keyword this is a non-lvalue expression whose value is the address of the object for which the function is called. However,

Linking a *.c with a *.h File

Question: As a developer new to C (I’m using Borland C/C++ version 5), I am trying to understand the method of linking *.c and *.h files within an application. First

Standalone Executable

Question: How can I compile a Java application’s class files into a standaloneexecutable file without using a commercial native code compiler and atthe same time keep it platform independent? Answer:

Multiple Applications Running On One JVM

Question: I want to know how to run more than one application under one VM. Iam developing some Java servers, but I don’t want 10 JVMs running whenonly one is

Buffered Object Streams and Sockets

Question: How can I use buffered I/O Object streams over a socket and guaranteetransmission even when the packet object is smaller than the buffersize? I want the efficiency benefits of

Copy and Delete Files Using ASP Code

Question: How do I copy files from point A to point B from within my ASP page? After I have used the file that has been transferred to point B,

Use a Where Clause in SQL Instead of a Filter

Question: Here is a snippet of my code: set conn = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”) “gorillaclasses”set rs = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Recordset”)stmt = “SELECT class,time,instructor FROM ” & clubtable clubtable, conn, adOpenStatic,,adCmdTable %>rs.filter = “dayslot

Java Applet Environment

Question: Could you please elaborate on the difference between working in a Javaapplet environment and in a distributed client server environment. Answer: Applets can be used to implement client server