January 20, 2000

Using XML Documents as a Database

Question: Would it be practical to use an XML document, or more accurately documents, as a database, and if so, how would you recommend doing this? I would use XML,

Dual Procedure IDS

When using VB to create a new ActiveX control with a Caption or Text property, you can set the corresponding Procedure ID to cause the Property Browser to update the

Use GetInputState in Loops

Some developers suggest putting DoEvents in loops to keep your application responsive. This is never a good idea. If the loop is short, you don

Generate GUIDs With One API Call

I read a great advanced tip on how to create a GUID in “Generate Unique String IDs” [“101 Tech Tips for VB Developers,” Supplement to VBPJ, August 1999]. However, you

Avoid Line Input Null Problems

Sometimes you have to move information from a flat file (mainframe or ASCII text file) to a database. Usually, this flat file is a set of records, and the delimiter

Use Faster Floating-Point Division

If you do a lot of floating-point division operations in VB, you can optimize these operations by multiplying by the reciprocal value. For example, instead of performing this calculation: X/Y