January 21, 2000

Embed XSL in Behaviors

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 5 Behaviors let you create specific functionality within custom HTML tags. XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) lets you transform a block of XML into some form of output, including HTML. The two would seem to be ideally suited for one another, but hauling around an XSL file

Grid Object Methods and Properties

Question: I have opened a table as a grid object. I want to go to a desired column (say 34) and the table has 62 fields. Currently only columns 1 through 10 are visible. How can I accomplish this? Answer: There is one method and two properties of grid objects

Popping Up a Form

Question: I have a form for which I do not want to give the user navigation privileges. I want the form to pop up at the record specified by a parameter with the “do form” command. I understand that I can pass a param with “Do form col001 with 123456”

Insert XML Into Another XML Document

Question: Is there an easy and efficient way to insert an XML document into another XML template? The insertion point can be before, between, or after specified nodes. Answer: Sure. I do this all the time. If you’re going from a DOM-based solution, you can incorporate one XML structure into

Deleting Datawindow Columns

Question: I am using a data store that has 13 columns with data in them. I want to destroy five of them. I know that there is a PB command to do this: dw_object.Modify(“Destroy column colname”) I cannot get this syntax to work. The return code is good for the

Passing a Variable to a Compiled Program

Question: I am calling an .FXP from a batch file, but would like to pass a variable. Am I able to do this? How would FoxPro recognize it? Answer: You can put a PARAMETERS statement at the top of the PRG file to trap parameters used when calling a program.

Resizing FoxPro’s Design Window

Question: How do I enlarge FoxPro’s design window? Answer: Here’s how: From the menu, choose Tools | Options. Click on the Forms page of the pageframe. You will see a combo box labeled “Maximum design area.” Open the combo box and choose the screen resolution that you are designing for.

Deleting a Record

Question: I am currently building a VB application that needs to delete records in a .dbf field. The connection to the database is established through ADO by using a DSN. Currently, when I attempt to delete a record (using SQL’s delete), the record is simply marked to be deleted, but

Use Style Grouping for Leaner HTML

The HTML Style syntax lets you apply the same style attributes to a group of tags at the same time. You don’t need to define each tag’s styles separately. The following code uses the H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags in the body. However only H1, H2, H3 and H5

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