January 21, 2000

Embed XSL in Behaviors

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 5 Behaviors let you create specific functionality within custom HTML tags. XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) lets you transform a block of XML into some form of

Deleting a Record

Question: I am currently building a VB application that needs to delete records in a .dbf field. The connection to the database is established through ADO by using a DSN.

Grid Object Methods and Properties

Question: I have opened a table as a grid object. I want to go to a desired column (say 34) and the table has 62 fields. Currently only columns 1

Popping Up a Form

Question: I have a form for which I do not want to give the user navigation privileges. I want the form to pop up at the record specified by a

Insert XML Into Another XML Document

Question: Is there an easy and efficient way to insert an XML document into another XML template? The insertion point can be before, between, or after specified nodes. Answer: Sure.

Deleting Datawindow Columns

Question: I am using a data store that has 13 columns with data in them. I want to destroy five of them. I know that there is a PB command

Resizing FoxPro’s Design Window

Question: How do I enlarge FoxPro’s design window? Answer: Here’s how: From the menu, choose Tools | Options. Click on the Forms page of the pageframe. You will see a

Use Style Grouping for Leaner HTML

The HTML Style syntax lets you apply the same style attributes to a group of tags at the same time. You don’t need to define each tag’s styles separately. The