January 24, 2000

Clear Addresses in Netscape

Question: In Netscape, next to the address bar is an arrow pointing down. If you click on that arrow, it displays the previous 14 addresses. How can I prevent it

Receiving Duplicate E-mails

Question: I use Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000. Some users are getting duplicate Internet e-mails. I can’t find out why. Recipients in Exchange have only one SMTP address and one

Make an Image Act as a Submit Button

Question: I’m trying to make a small image at the bottom of each form submit information from my database to the user when the user presses on it. However, I

Reusing PB Objects for E-Business Applications

Question: The company I work for is nearly ready for e-business. We have developed lots of reusable business objects and I need to convert them into a format reusable/implementable in