February 2, 2000

Using XSLT to Transform Flat Data Into a Hierarchy

Question: I have a limited understanding of XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) and have been trying to figure out how to write an XSL document that will transform a highly de-normalized set of data into a hierarchical XML document. It looks to me like it would be easier to transform the

Database Performance Degradation

Question: We are running Informix On-Line Database Engine 7.23 on an HP UX 11.0 machine with 4 CPUs.The database is connected through a middle-tier, which is ENTERA Application Server running on a different machine. We are experiencing performance degradation when the number of users is above 700. Can you give

Fix VID Connections on NT Server

Users of Visual InterDev sometimes report getting an error message when they try to create a new project. The error claims that there is no Web named “”. This can happen if the FrontPage Server Extensions are corrupted. Try these fixes: Using the FrontPage Server Administrator, do a Check and

INFORMATION_SCHEMA: A Map to Your Database

f you’ve spent any time at all working with databases, you know that the time comes when you scratch your head and ask, “Now what was the name of that table (or some other object)?” Programming SQL Server effectively has always involved knowing how to find the metadata?that is, the

Display Recordset Data in a Paged Fashion, Part II

his 10-Minute Solution is the second of a series of three articles covering how to display data from a database in the form of logical pages, so that the user can navigate from page to page. The three articles are separated in terms of ease of understanding and use, from

Maintain Large Databases with XML Servers

ne of the more common questions asked here at “Ask the XML Pro” has to do with the dilemma of maintaining large databases of XML data. Specifically, suppose that you had an XML document that was both broad (had a large number of objects, as might be expected from a

Validating and Formatting a Phone Number

any of the more common questions asked of the VB Pro involve formatting and validating data. In this 10-Minute Solution, you’ll learn how to validate and format a phone number. While we won’t deal with international (non-US) phone numbers here, you can apply these techniques to your local phone number

Writing Java for the Palm

ava continues to make inroads at all levels of computing. Mostrecently, Java has returned to its roots and found a home in the smalldevices for which it was originally designed. Java 2 Micro Editionand its K Virtual Machine (KVM) allow you to write Java applicationsfor handheld devices, including ones that

Building an Application Error Handler

untime errors can occur as a result of attempts to complete an invalid operation while the program is running. There are two causes of runtime errors: either one of the program’s statements can not be properly resolved or something unexpected happened. The main goal of an error handler is to

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