February 4, 2000

Using Numbers in SQL Text

Question: Here is the code I am using to do a query from an Access 97 database: Query = “SELECT * FROM DiamondList WHERE (ProductNumber = ‘” & tempProduct &

XML in ASP vs a Java Servlet

Question: I am building a Web application using ASP and XML. My database calls are directed to a server with a Java servlet over HTTP. It works fine except when

Sending Plain Text Via ASP

Question: I wrote simple ASP code that reads a TXT file and sends it to the browser. I change the Response.Header to plain/text. Internet Explorer 4 displays the text file

Display Currency Information Correctly

Question: I am writing an online order form in ASP. How can I restrict the value of vartax to a two decimal digit (round up to two decimal points)? Most

Let Your Text Throw A Shadow

It is very easy to add a shadowy effect to drawn text in Java. All we have to do is to pick a darker color for the shadow and draw

Generate a Relative Path

Sometimes in an application you will have a “home” directory associated with the application, and then some files associated with that home directory. To have the files in an independent