February 5, 2000

The 19th Common Programming Trap in MTS

have received a lot of feedback from my first two articles about common programming traps in MTS, which were published at VB-2-The-Max in December 1999. Perhaps there are a million

Exert Control Over Serialization

Java gives you control over the serialization process through the interface. The interface extends the interface by adding two methods: public void writeExternal(ObjectOutput out) public void readExternal(ObjectInput

Limit Your App To One Instance

How can we make sure that only one instance of our Java application is running on a machine? Java does not provide the means of finding out if another instance

Hit Counter Servlet

Sometimes, it is extremely useful to know the number of times a Web page is hit. This is especially so if a web site depends on usage statistics in order

Declaring Global Variables in Java

If you are coming from C or C++ background, you must miss declaring Global variables in Java. You can get the same functionality in Java by declaring a class and