February 17, 2000

Break Out of Frames

Question: What is the correct syntax for forcing a page to break out of a frameset that might call it? Answer: The way to make sure that your document isn’t included in a frameset is to compare your window to the topmost window in the window hierarchy. If the window.top

Variable Returning Matches in a Select Query

Question: What is the variable that returns the number of matches in a select query? I thought I’d seen a reference to a variable (something like “_COUNT”) but now I cannot find any reference to it. Answer: The _TALLY system variable is what you are looking for. _TALLY holds the

Place JavaScript In Separate Files

Question: I want to create a library of generic JavaScript functions. Is it possible to write different functions in different files, and use the functions within other files by “including” these files? Like in C, you can use the #include directive to include other functions. Answer: Yes, you can put

Break Out of Those Frames

So you’ve designed your page just perfectly so all the content screams at the user to be noticed. Unfortunately, sites that link to your site have decided to place their own frame around your page. You can easily remedy this problem. Within the of your page, just add this JavaScript: