February 19, 2000

Convert a color value to a gray scale

When you have a 32-bit color value, you can convert it to a grey-scale – that is, you can determine how it would appear on a monochromatic display (more or

Quickly create a copy of an ADO Recordset

When you want to process the data in a Recordset without affecting the actual values in the database, often the Clone method isn’t what you need. For example, if you

Extract Red,Green,Blue components of a color

If you have a 32-bit color value in RGB format, you can extract its Red, Green and Blue components using the following routines: Function GetRed(ByVal lColor As Long) As Long

Provide Default Values for Applet Parameters

You can customize your applets by providing parameters at runtime in . But it is a good practice to always provide default values, when specific values for parameters are not

Generate Random Numbers in Java

You can generate Random numbers in Java using the Random class available in java.util package. The following is a code which generates Random numbers between 0 and 100: import java.util.Random

Passing Primitive Data by Reference

Primitive datatypes in Java are always a passby value. You can pass them by reference, by wrapping the data in to single element array. Here is the code (Tested on