February 23, 2000

Pass Strings Using URLEncode

A question I seem to answer a lot comes from people trying to pass information through a query string. While Internet Explorer seems to be more forgiving and allows most strings to be passed, Netscape may oftentimes give you a “Malformed Request Error”. To ensure all values you pass are

Recommended Books on Cross-Browser DHTML

Question: Can you recommend a book on writing cross-browser DHTML? Answer: What book you should get depends on where you are now. If you’ve never touched JavaScript before, I recommend the book I co-authored, JavaScript for the WWW: Visual QuickStart Guide from Peachpit Press. If you’ve got a good grasp

Monitoring Mailbox Contents

Question: I have the need to monitor a mailbox. The mailbox is located on a local server, but the person accessing it is in another country. The person who needs to monitor the mailbox is also in the other country. Adding rules to Outlook is out of the question and

Hosting Internet Mail

Question: Right now we have Exchange set to dial up an ISP and retrieve our mail. We are getting a direct connection to the Internet and I want to host my own Exchange. What do I need to do to the IMS to support this? Should I click the use

Dynamically Sort a Listbox

Question: Is it possible to dynamically sort a listbox (a select box with multiple rows)? Let’s say I want to sort the listbox according to different categories. Answer: Here’s how to sort the contents of a text area, using Regular Expressions: Name List Sorter Sort a list of namesEnter a

Call a Function Across Frames

Question: My page has two frames. The left-side frame has a tree and depending on what the user clicks, I set the location for the right-side frame. My problem is that I want to call a function in the right frame from the left frame. I have tried various combinations

Network Problems Setting Up Outlook for a Laptop

Question: I have tried to set up Outlook 2000 on my laptop (it uses Windows 98) to connect via dialup to the Exchange server running on my Small Business Server setup at work. I receive the following error: “Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange server computer.” Using

Removing Messages on the Server

Question: I’m new to Exchange Administration and was wondering how to clean out my mailbox on the server. I’m showing a lot of messages even though I have all my mail going to my personal folders. Where can I access my mailbox on the server to clean it out? Answer:

Converting a Datatype to a Stream of Bytes

Sometimes you need to convert a certain datatype to its binary stream ofbytes. An easy way to do it is to create a union that has two members:the datatype in question and an array of characters with a matchingsize. For example, to examine the binary representation of a pointer toa