February 23, 2000

Pass Strings Using URLEncode

A question I seem to answer a lot comes from people trying to pass information through a query string. While Internet Explorer seems to be more forgiving and allows most

Removing Messages on the Server

Question: I’m new to Exchange Administration and was wondering how to clean out my mailbox on the server. I’m showing a lot of messages even though I have all my

Call a Function Across Frames

Question: My page has two frames. The left-side frame has a tree and depending on what the user clicks, I set the location for the right-side frame. My problem is

Dynamically Sort a Listbox

Question: Is it possible to dynamically sort a listbox (a select box with multiple rows)? Let’s say I want to sort the listbox according to different categories. Answer: Here’s how

Hosting Internet Mail

Question: Right now we have Exchange set to dial up an ISP and retrieve our mail. We are getting a direct connection to the Internet and I want to host

Monitoring Mailbox Contents

Question: I have the need to monitor a mailbox. The mailbox is located on a local server, but the person accessing it is in another country. The person who needs

Recommended Books on Cross-Browser DHTML

Question: Can you recommend a book on writing cross-browser DHTML? Answer: What book you should get depends on where you are now. If you’ve never touched JavaScript before, I recommend