March 1, 2000

Assign Image and Color Backgrounds in Table Cells

Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 4+ In Internet Explorer, you can assign images and colors into table cells and table rows through the background-image and background-color CSS attribute within style sheets. As a simple example, consider this table in which the colors of the rows alternate: QuarterSales FiguresJan 99$12,550,200Apr 99$16,320,300Jul 99$14,123,220Apr


eb developers awake! XHTML (Extensible HyperText Markup Language) is coming to a server near you. It’ll change everything you ever knew about Web design, give you untold power on the client and the server, and solve one of the great nagging problems of how to create a Web site without

Implementing a Simple Login State Mechanism

s ASP programmers, you have probably received a request to password protect a portion of the Web site you are developing. The client wants the user to access pages A, B, and C?only after logging on with a valid user ID and password. One obvious mechanism to enforce this is

Keep the FrontPage 98 Extensions for VID 6

Since the arrival of FrontPage 2000 users of Visual InterDev 6 have been complaining about connection problems. The trouble isn’t actually with the FP 2000 extensions. It is the failure to use the FrontPage 98 extensions as well. Some ISPs incorrectly assume that the later versions of the extensions include