March 2, 2000

Forcing Data Entry in Uppercase

Question: I would like to force data entered into a form to be uppercase. This is probably basic, but I can’t figure it out! Answer: What you are looking for

Resizing Forms and Controls

ne of the more common questions here at Ask the VB Pro has always been how to automatically handle the resizing of forms and controls. Unfortunately, the short answer is

Convert Schemas to Documents

he way that XML is being used, of late, is beginning to send tremors throughout much of the programming world. Part of this has to do with an obvious logical

Unzipping Files with

he Java core packages include, which is useful forcreating and reading compressed files or archives in the ZIP and GZIPformats. ZIP files form the basis for the JAR file

A Universal Data Format

Data types larger than the size of a byte aren’t portable because of the different endian-ordering of each hardware architecture. This means that passing an int in its binary form

The 80-20 Optimization Rule

It’s a fact that applications spend 80 percent of their time executing 20 percent of their code. Some even claim that the ratio is higher: 90-10. Usually, programmers can’t assess

Optimizing Nested Loops

Several compilers need this hint from the programmer while others are clever enough to figure it out automatically. When you have nested loops, declare the counter of the most deeply-nested