March 15, 2000

Validate Form Input on the Client Side

If you are developing Web pages that provide HTML forms to the user, then you may notice that many times invalid data gets submitted. To reduce such invalid input, you

Loading the JDBC driver

When a Java applet or application loads a JDBC driver, the code is dynamically retrieved from the network. Loading the Sybase JDBC driver requires a simple line of code: Class.forName(“com.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver”);

Use Java’s Vector Class for Faster Performance

When performance is an issue, static arrays perform better than dynamic storage structures. However, if a static structure won’t work, consider using Java’s Vector class instead of the LinkedList class.

Specifying Dependencies

When writing Java-based services we occasionally require dependencies. That is, our services must start in a certain order. You can specify what services your code is dependent on by overriding