March 21, 2000

Select Maximum Five Result

Question: How do I find out the top-five best sale items? I want the maximum five items to be listed. Answer: In version 7, SQL Server has conveniently provided the TOP keyword. So, using the pubs database for an example, the following query will return the books with the top

Query Performance Comparison

Question: What is faster: two LIKE statements or one BETWEEN? ((MyData LIKE ‘02105_’) OR ((MyData LIKE ‘02106_)MyData BETWEEN ‘021050’ AND ‘021069’ Please advise. Answer: When trying to decide which is the faster SQL for a particular query, my philosophy is to test the two options rather than making an educated

Refer to Members of a Collection With the Full Name

You can access all variables directly by calling Request(variable) without the collection name. In this case, the Web server searches the collections in this order: QueryString Form Cookies ClientCertificate ServerVariables If a variable with the same name exists in more than one collection, the Request object returns the first instance