March 22, 2000

How to Link an Access Database with SQL Server

Question: I want to extract/insert data by linking one Access table with a SQL server table through VB code. So far, I am not able to to it (using ADO 2.1). Can I write a query in VB similar to: dbo_retired_hcpc – Sql Server TableTPARTBHCPCSecondFinder – Access tableselect * from

EXE File with No Interface That Takes Arguments

Question: I have two questions: 1. How do I make an EXE file without a interface (no form)? 2. How do I make that EXE file take arguments and how do I use them in the program? Answer: You can create an EXE without a form by doing the following:

Buy an ActiveX Control or Develop Your Own?

Question: I am endeavoring to provide a graphical booking sheet metaphor (i.e. timeslots v. names) in an ActiveX Document. The third party grids I’ve tried, purchased and tested don’t allow the following: 1. multiple icons and text per cell 2. auto-merging/auto-joining of matching cells across both rows and columns at

Which Install Method–Win9x or Win2K?

Question: I need to upgrade my Installshield, so I have been researching available products. Both Installshield and Wise (and others) seem to produce excellent installers. However now that the Windows Installation system has been introduced with Win2k I am wondering which direction I should go. Should I go completely with

ADO Connection String

Question: What is the syntax for accessing a FoxPro 2.5 table using an ADO connectionstring? I want to be able use a DSN-less connection and access different tables depending on the user request. Answer: The easiest way to find out is to create a file DSN and then open the

Automatically Include <%Option Explicit%> in Your New ASP Pages

Adding the Option Explicit line to an ASP file that is scripted in VB Script forces you to declare each of the variables that you use within your VB Script on your page. This option helps prevent typos in variable names by forcing your code to be more structured. This

Handle Ambiguity with Cutoff Year in SQL Server and OLE Automation Objects

While SQL Server uses 2049 as the cutoff year for interpreting dates, OLE Automation objects use the year 2030. To provide consistency in date values between SQL Server and client applications, it is useful to set the two-digit year cutoff option in SQL Server so it interprets a common year

Put <% %> Pairs on the Same Line in ASP to Improve Performance

In ASP, pairs are used to indicate a server-side script. It is a good idea to put this pair on the same line whenever possible. Because the ASP engine reads and interprets every character in the file, carriage return (CR) and line feeds reduce performance, particularly on a high-volume site.

Minimize Comments in ASP Code to Improve Performance

Because the ASP engine reads and interprets every character in the file, adding comments in the ASP page increases the work of the IIS. Although the HTML page that is sent to the client browser does not have any comments, the ASP engine still needs to parse each and every

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