March 24, 2000

Write Correct INSERT SQL Statement With ASP

Question: I am trying to update an Access database with an ASP page. My ASP page contains a guest book with first name, last name, and other relevant text boxes. After pressing the submit button on the ASP form, the text box values are sent to the server and my

Sizeof Operator

Question: When declaring an unbounded array in my function’s parameter list, int a[], can I use the sizeof() operator to determine the array’s length at runtime? Answer: No, you can’t use sizeof for this purpose. The problem is that the compiler silently converts an array parameter to a pointer. Therefore,

Macros with Variable Number of Arguments

Question: Is there anyway to have a variable number of arguments passed to a macro? Yes, I know it can be done with inline, but this is for debugging purposes. Answer: Yes and no. Standard C and C++ don’t support variable number of arguments in a function-like macro. However, the

Sessions Do Not Work on Web Server Farms

Question: How do sessions work with clustered NT servers? How do you make use of clustering technology if an NT machine goes down along with its sessions? Is NT smart enough to know to replicate these sessions in other servers and route all requests to these other servers? Answer: Sessions

Control How a Page is Cached

A proxy server reduces the amount of time spent retrieving documents over the Internet. It does this by caching, or storing, the document in memory and then serving it from memory the next time a client tries to retrieve the page. This can cause problems with Active Server Pages (ASP)