April 2, 2000

Building a Text Editor, Part I

n answering questions for Ask the VB Pro, I’ve been noticing a lot of the same types of questions. These questions primarily relate to basic operations like opening and writing to files, tying one form to the next, using menus, and so on. To help eliminate some of these questions,

Using Automation Stored Procedures to Access an Object’s Properties

QL Server comes with a powerful language called Transact-SQL (T-SQL) for writing queries and stored procedures. T-SQL is a full-featured language. Like any programming language, it has command statements, conditional logic, and a variety of functions. But what if T-SQL doesn’t have a function that you need? Or what if

Display Recordset Data in a Paged Fashion, Part IIIa

f you have been following my previous articles, you’ve seen how to display recordset data in a paged fashion using a couple of different techniques. The first article, “Display Recordset Data in a Paged Fashion, Part I,” displayed a static set of data from the recordset, making a round trip

Credit Card Processing

f you haven’t done electronic credit card processing yet, you may be asked to do it soon. Don’t sweat, it’s not as difficult as it sounds?actually it’s quite simple. In this Solution, I will demonstrate how to process credit cards with a popular processing service called CyberCash?using CyberCash’s COM component

Sorting and Searching

he Java 2 Collections Framework includes a set of static methods forsorting and searching lists and arrays. The java.util.Collectionsclass contains methods for manipulating instances of List and thejava.util.Arrays class contains methods for manipulating arrays ofobjects and primitive types. Each class supports a set of sort()methods and binarySearch() methods. The binarySearch()