April 10, 2000

Reading From an Excel File

Question: Is there a way to store data in an Excel file from an ADO recordset by doing some sort of block read/write instead of reading/writing every data field in a loop ? Answer: Here’s a quick trick. Write the data out to a tab and carriage return delimited text

Date Subtraction

Question: I have a date field store in one of my database tables. How do I pull a record from that table within seven days of today’s date? today’s date – 7 days Answer: To do this, you can use the DateAdd function, but add -7 to the date you

Using PL/SQL in VFP or SQL Server

Question: Can I use Oracle’s PL/SQL in Visual FoxPro or SQL Server 6.0? Answer: No. PL/SQL is a language native to Oracle, not Microsoft’s products. Each Microsoft database product has its own language, each based on ANSI SQL, but with extensions for the product.