April 14, 2000

Embedding XML Data Islands in HTML

There are two ways to embed a data island into an HTML document. The first is inline, where the XML data structure is surrounded by the tags. 3345 Deepak Pant Boston The second way to embed a data island is to specify an external XML file using the tag’s SRC

Checking for Characters

Question: I want to call another function only if the key pressed is a letter. Is there a way to check whether the key the user has typed is a letter (A – Z) and not any other key like space, down arrow, etc? Answer: Here’s a script that I

STL Thread Safety

Question: Does STL use any synchronization, or do I have to implement it myself by critical section? Answer: The C++ standard doesn’t specify whether STL is thread-safe or not (which is what you meant to ask). Threads and concurrent execution are platform-dependent features. Thus, an STL implementation can be fully

Converting LAYER to DIV tags

Question: I am trying to convert all the LAYER tags to DIV tags. In my code, I am using LAYER.SRC to execute a sever-side macro that returns an HTML document, which I am displaying in the layer. Do I have an equivalent code for DIV to get the same functionality

Scan HTML Code for Data Extraction

Question: Is there a way (using VB) to load a Web page (without actually showing the page through a browser or otherwise) and then extract the HTML code for use in extracting data (whether by scanning the actual HTML or saving it as a text file for later automated scanning)?

DHTML & Search Engines

Question: Can you provide any insight on whether spider-based search engines, like AltaVista and Inktomi, can index DHTML text? Answer: The phrase “DHTML text” can mean different things to different people, so I can’t give you a solid yes or no answer. Your best bet is to try looking at

Passing Recordset Object Between ASP Pages

Question: I have an ASP called ‘default.asp’ that creates a recordset object called ‘objRS’ via ODBC. When a certain set of conditions is met, I linked it to another ASP page called ‘seenbuy.asp’ that needs to perform some actions based on ‘objRS’. ‘Seenbuy.asp’ does not know what ‘objRS’ is because

Select All Text

Question: How do you automatically select all text in a TextBox when it receives the focus? Answer: For a text box named Text1 you can use the following code: Private Sub Text1_GotFocus() With Text1 .SelStart = 0 .SelLength = Len(Text1.Text) End WithEnd Sub

Switching a Statement with a Char Array

Question: I can’t seem to get the switch statement to work with chars.For example: #include char answer[2];void main(){ cout > answer; switch(answer) { case ‘a’ : cout

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