April 14, 2000

Embedding XML Data Islands in HTML

There are two ways to embed a data island into an HTML document. The first is inline, where the XML data structure is surrounded by the tags. 3345 Deepak Pant

Memory Deallocation

Question: I have a byte pointer pointing to a message buffer. I want to know how can I delete just the first two bytes of this message and pass on

Using IFRAME Across Browsers

Question: I want to make my site cross-browser compatible, but I rely on a lot of iframes in the IE version. According to the original HTML 4 specification, it should

Sub Procedures or Functions in Visual Basic

Question: Is it possible to have subprocedures or subfunctions in Visual Basic?For example, in COM components we find properties being accessed using the following: myObject.Column(“myColumn”).Hide = True In this Column

Returning Multiple Recordsets to ASP

Question: What are my options when I need to send multiple recordsets back to ASP from a single call? Which is the best for performance? Answer: You can return multiple

Bad Primary Chunk

Question: I am having problem on restarting Informix after one of the chunks has been marked as DOWN. How do I change the status back to ONLINE? Answer: Depending on

Switching a Statement with a Char Array

Question: I can’t seem to get the switch statement to work with chars.For example: #include char answer[2];void main(){ cout > answer; switch(answer) { case ‘a’ : cout

VB & Access

Question: I need runtime code to find all files with *.mdb file type(Access databases) just like the Find subMenu item does in the Start Menu on the desktop. I want

Balloon Labels

Question: How you to make balloon labels show when the user moves the mouse over an object? Answer: In VB6, most objects have a ToolTipText property that gives you that