April 17, 2000

Get the Cache to Load Graphics Ahead of Time

If you have light menu pages but heavy graphics on pages deeper into the site, sneak a graphic or two into the user’s cache while someone is reading your home or menu page. To do this, set the graphic’s dimensions to zero(so it’s not visible) by putting the following tag

Kill the Browser’s Offset Bug

On May 9, Mark Williams contributed the following:Manoj Singh’s tip to “Kill the Browser’s Offset Bug” was only partially correct. You can fix this “bug” under Netscape as well as under IE, but the tag attribute names are different for Netscape. For IE, the tip says: “IE lets you compensate

Ensure Proper Remote Scripting Parameter Types in ASP

You may already know that remote scripting is a great way to access server-side functions and procedures from client-side scripting. However, when you use parameters in a server-side function intended for client-side use, remember that IIS converts all parameter values into strings. As a result, you might need to convert

Set Home Page with DHTML

DHTML intrinsic behavior gives advantage to changing the user’s home page to the current page. The style block, which goes in the of the document, associates the home page class with the built-in behavior. The inline STYLE on the tag simulates the look and feel of a hot link, but

Activating Trim Trailing Blanks

Question: How do I activate trim trailing blanks from No to Yes? Answer: The SET ANSI PADDING statement controls the setting you are referring to. When a table is being created, SQL Server checks this setting and sets the column property for each character, varchar, or varbinary field accordingly. As

Accessing SIM Cards Via GSM Commands With WML

Question: I have to build a GSM application as written with the SIM toolkit protocol but within the WAP environment. How can I communicate via WML with the SIM card, which understands only GSM commands (GSM 11.11 standard)? Mobile equipment doesn’t each have its own library, does it? Answer: I

Folder Removal

Question: How do you delete folders like Front Page, Outlook Express and the like? Answer: Well, from the command line you have several options. You can use DelTree to remove that directory and any subdirectories and files in those subdirectories. It is a relatively dangerous command, so use it cautiously.

Renaming a SQL Column

Question: Can I rename a SQL column without making a new table or relying on GUI? Answer: The ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN SYNTAX supports either dropping an existing column or altering the type. But it doesn’t allow you to change the name. However, another command, sp_rename, will allow you to

Writing Null Values to a File

Question: What’s the best way to write null values in file, then read them back from file? Answer: If you are using the built-in PowerBuilder functions to read the data back (e.g., in ImportFile or ImportString), then the word null in text stream should make a null within the column

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