April 18, 2000

Separating Colors with a Pull-Down Menu

Question: When I implemented a pull-down menu, it wiped out the default, anchoring color schemes. When I changed the pull-down menu to blue text, my anchored text showed blue again. How do you suggest I separate these two items? Answer: If you want the custom styles set for the A

Custom Menu Pop-Up

Question: When I press the right mouse click, I’d like to have a custom menu pop up instead of the usual default browser pop-up. How can I do this with Javascript? Answer: You can trap the right mouse click with an onMouseDown event handler and then display your custom menu.

Opening New Windows With iframes

Question: I’m loading news links from our companies’ database to our home page using the tag. However, when a user clicks on one of these links, the news item appears inside the region defined by . Is there a way to have a new window open with the content when

HTML Table Filling Using DHTML

Question: Is there a way to read the contents of a directory into a table so that the contents of each cell of the table becomes a link? Answer: This would have to be done on the server side. Thus, it’s not possible using client-side DHTML.

Inserting Data Through SQL

Question: I’m using ASP to register data in a DBF table through a SQL statement. I get data from a form (textarea) in an HTML page. However, the SQL statement returns an error when the user presses the Enter key in the textarea to change lines. How can I fix

String Contains a Greater-than Sign

Question: My app. name contains the char “> “: myapp>name Of course, this creates huge problems. How do I get past this in HTML, when displaying or referencing the app. name? Answer: If you want to print a greater-than sign, you can use an ampersand (&) followed by ‘gt;’. A