April 20, 2000

Connecting Informix Databases

Question: How can I use SQL to access an Informix database that’s on a remote site and connected via a VPN while connected to an Informix database locally? Both are

Displaying Server Variables

ServerVariables’ collection of request objects provides vital information about the client browser, HTTP header, etc. During the development of a web application, we use various variables of this collection to

How to Tile Background Images in Table Cells

Both IE and Navigator let you specify different background colors in table cells. However, IE ups the ante by supporting tiled background images in different cells or even behind an

Changing the ScriptTimeout

The default setting for ScriptTimeout is 90 seconds. For IIS 3.0, it is located in the system registry where we can easily change it to another value. It is advisable

Using the JavaScript Keyword “This”

JavaScript provides a special keyword, “this”, which is a reference to the object that contains a JavaScript statement or function call. For example, if we have a text box object,

Updating Multiple frames at Once

If you use frames in your page, it’s easy enough to create a link that updates one of them. But what do you do when you need to update two

Confirm Dialog From a HREF

We can use the following JavaScript code to get a confirmation from the user before navigating to another page. Redirect