April 24, 2000

uniqueidentifier vs. int

Question: If I have the option of using the uniqueidentifier or int data type for a primary key, will choosing the uniqueidentifier mean a significant performance degradation? Answer: The uniqueidentifier

Getting CGI Output

Question: Using C or C++ for CGI programs, is there a way to make a CGI program that calls another CGI program, and then takes the output of that called

Outer Joins in Where Clause

Question: What’s the syntax for outer joins in the where clause in Informix? Answer: The syntax is: SELECT c.customer_num, c.lname,,, u.call_dtime, u.call_descrFROM customer c, OUTER cust_calls uWHERE c.customer_num =

Deadlock Timeouts

Question: I have two questions: 1. How can I determine what the server’s lock mode currently is (e.g. WAIT, NO WAIT, etc.), without actually setting it at the same time?

Visual Basic Data Access, ADO, OLE/DB

Question: What are the differences between Provider=MSDASQL.1 and Provider=SQLOLEDB.1 in an “Open” “Select” statement? Also, what is the difference (if any) between “ADO” AND “OLE/DB”? And finally, in Visual Basic,

Constructor for a Protected Class

Question: How do I create a constructor for a protected member of a class? I have declared the function in the header file but not defined the definition.The error message

Table Columns

Question: How do I drop a table column? Answer: To drop a column, use this syntax: ALTER TABLE Employees DROP COLUMN HomePhone Just remember that you can’t drop a column