April 25, 2000

Insert Column into Table

Question: What is the proper syntax to insert a column into an existing SQL table? Answer: Here’s the syntax to add a column to a table: ALTER TABLE Employees ADD

How to Pass a Variable into Report

Question: When I use a datawindow to generate a custom report, how can I pass a variable into the report from an input field? Answer: You can do this through

“Out of Memory” Error

Question: About halfway through compiling a 32-bit EXE with PB 6.5 on Windows NT, I keep getting an “out of memory” message box and then another that says “DDE Server

SQL Comments

Question: Can I insert comments inside a SQL query, like &#47&#42 &#42&#47 and &#47&#47in C++? Answer: SQL supports &#47&#42 and &#42&#47 for comments inside stored procedures and queries. You also

Performance of Joined Tables

Question: I have several tables with the same structure and I’m trying to combine them all into one unique table. But I’m worried about performance because each table has a

IIS Applications

Question: When I try to create a new IIS app,I receive an error message: “IIS or peer web services 3.0 or latermust be installed,” but IIS is installedand running on

Determining Variable Length

Question: How do I test the number of ‘characters’ contained within a given variable? Answer: Try this: Debug.Print “Length: ” & Len(CStr(X)) Once you convert a variable to a string,

ADO Events

Question: How do I use the ADO events FetchProgress or FetchComplete? Answer: If you want to use these, they work just like other events generated by other objects. When you