April 25, 2000

How to Pass a Variable into Report

Question: When I use a datawindow to generate a custom report, how can I pass a variable into the report from an input field? Answer: You can do this through the use of retrieval arguments for the datawindow object. Then you can access the argument in your SQL and in

“Out of Memory” Error

Question: About halfway through compiling a 32-bit EXE with PB 6.5 on Windows NT, I keep getting an “out of memory” message box and then another that says “DDE Server Window: Rep_assem.exe – Fatal Application,” and the program quits. How do I get past this? Answer: The only time I

SQL Comments

Question: Can I insert comments inside a SQL query, like &#47&#42 &#42&#47 and &#47&#47in C++? Answer: SQL supports &#47&#42 and &#42&#47 for comments inside stored procedures and queries. You also can use — at the beginning to comment out a single line.

Performance of Joined Tables

Question: I have several tables with the same structure and I’m trying to combine them all into one unique table. But I’m worried about performance because each table has a lot of rows. If I make joins and complex selects, that would make the tables slower. So, what is the

IIS Applications

Question: When I try to create a new IIS app,I receive an error message: “IIS or peer web services 3.0 or latermust be installed,” but IIS is installedand running on the machine. How do I resolve this? Answer: You have to have a Web server (Internet Information Server, Personal Web

Different Versions Coexisting on Same Machine

Question: Can three versions of PB (5.0, 6.5, and 7.0) coexist on the same machine without any problems? Answer: I am running PB5.0.4, PB6.5, and PB7.0.1 on my home and work machines and on my laptop. They cover Windows 95, 98 and NT4 without any problems.

Determining Variable Length

Question: How do I test the number of ‘characters’ contained within a given variable? Answer: Try this: Debug.Print “Length: ” & Len(CStr(X)) Once you convert a variable to a string, you can use the Len function on it to determine how many characters are in it.

ADO Events

Question: How do I use the ADO events FetchProgress or FetchComplete? Answer: If you want to use these, they work just like other events generated by other objects. When you declare the variable, you must create it at the form (or class) level and create it using the WithEvents keyword.

Insert Column into Table

Question: What is the proper syntax to insert a column into an existing SQL table? Answer: Here’s the syntax to add a column to a table: ALTER TABLE Employees ADD EmpCode VARCHAR(20) NULL

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