May 8, 2000

Optimizing Member Alignment

A class’s size can change simply by playing with the order of its members’ declaration. For example: struct A{ bool a; int b; bool c;}; // sizeof (A) == 12 On my machine, sizeof (A) equals 12. This result might seem surprising because the total size of A’s members is

Client-side Processing With ASP

Question: We’ve developed a TV scheduling program in HTML, but we have problems with speed (connectivity as well as display refresh) and the inherent functional limitations of HTML. We need to add in more modifications that would add to the top-heaviness of the application. Specifically, can we use client-side processing

Populating ListBox from Recordset Values

Question: I am trying to populate a drop-down listbox with the data from a table within my database and a blank line. The code I am using is as follows: Fees Test Game Level When I call up the ASP page, the page appears, but the dropdown box is empty.