May 11, 2000

Searching a Database for a Keyword

Question: When setting up a recordset, is it possible to get a record when the field contains more than the word that I’m looking for and where the words are

Save and Load

Question: Is there any way to do a incremental save using XMLDOMDocument (MSXML parser) and also loading part of the Document tree? Answer: A SaveInto or a LoadFrom command? As

XML Schemas

Question: What is the difference between SOX schemas and XDR schemas? Answer: SOX schemas are more object-oriented (the name in fact means Schemas for Object-Oriented XML), allowing you to assign

Sending Null Values to a Required Field

Question: When I try to send some information to an access database through ASP, I get the following error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Field ‘tablename.class’ can’t be a zero-length

XHTML and Javascript

Question: Can Javascript code be used in XHTML Web pages? Answer: Sure. The only real difference between XHTML and HTML is the consideration for ampersands and less than symbols. Thus,

Deleting Fields from Recordset Object

Question: I am using a disconnected recordset (adOpenStatic, adUseClient) which is obtained by executing a stored procedure using command an object. I tried to delete some fields from the recodset