May 19, 2000

Accessing the Address of a String Element

Question: In the following code, how do I get the address of the first character of str in the function discard? discard(string *name){ //..}int main(){ string str; cin >> str;


Question: Can I use LIKE across all columns in a single table without having to name each column specifically? Answer: You cannot do this as a direct query against a

Problem with Streams

Question: Why does a simple program such as the following produce compilation errors? #include#includeusing namespace std;int main(){ ostream_iterator os(cout); vector vi(3,0); os=vi[0]; os++; os=vi[1]; return 0;} I use the Microsoft

Get Server Time at Workstation

Question: We want to timestamp transactions on an application that is not yet using a client/server database. Is there a Windows 2000 API that programmatically gets the server time? Answer:

Linking SQL Server to Informix

Question: Can I set up a live ODBC link from SQL Server 7 to an Informix (Standard Engine) database? Answer: You can set up your Informix server as a linked